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The Tough Mudder

This past Saturday, the five brave souls of team "Brains and Balls" took to the Tough Mudder course set up at Vail Lake Resort in Temecula, CA.

The Tough Mudder is not a race; it is a challenge. No times are kept, and in true military fashion, everyone is encouraged to work as a team to help others make it through obstacles and complete the course.

In our wave,  we had plenty of vets and even some Wounded Warriors. It was an honor to run with them, especially on the weekend of the Marine Corps Birthday and only a couple of days before Veterans Day.

The course certainly lived up to being a "Challenge!" I know I uttered more than a few expletive's as I dragged my 49yr old body around the course and through the various obstacles. More than once, it went through my head, "if only it was 20 years ago!" And despite electric shocks, mud, water, really COLD water, sand, logs, walls and hills we made it to the finish!

Teammate and fellow Marine Jim said it best after we were finished: "It was tough, muddy, and kicked my butt. Can't wait till next year!"