Find the Fight in You

Graphic T's for Fighters, Military Enthusiasts and People who Want Graphic T's. 

About TeufelHunden Apparel

TeufelHunden Apparel is a dynamic young upstart out of Los Angeles, CA. We currently make graphic T’s, and check back for new products that we’ll add as we go. Our goal is to make clothing that is unique in design, but not loud or distracting. We want our shirts to get our customers noticed for all the right reasons.

Greg DeLong is one of the founding partners of TeufelHunden Apparel. Greg is a former Marine and Desert Storm veteran and it was his experience as a Marine that is the basis of TeufelHunden Apparel. He is an Ohio native, a graduate of The Ohio State University and an avid follower of Mixed Martial Arts.

TeufelHunden’s first line of shirts has been designed by DWrex, an American artist out of Akron, OH. DWrex’s idols include George Carlin and Clint Eastwood. We are very proud of each of his designs. There are only 4, but each of those four makes a fine shirt. TeufelHunden is happy to work with him again for our next line.

TeufelHunden is a socially responsible company that will be giving back to the community in various ways. One way will be a portion of every sale will go to support veteran based organizations as well as organizations involved with youth and community building. In addition to our money, we give our time by getting in the field and helping people first hand. We believe that as part of the community, we have an obligation to our future to make that community better.